Gallery 2
Chet Baker Club - Bologna, Italy 2003
Jazz Club - Ferrara, Italy 2003
Candido's 82nd Birthday @ Birdland, April 22, 2003
Ray and Garciela Candido and Ray Ray Baretta and Diabalito
Museum Of Natural History, NYC "Starry Nights" Dec 2002
Hudson River Music Festival - July 2002
Mamaia, Romania July 18th, 2002
Flushing Meadows Park - June 24th 2001 Photos by Russ Einhorn
The Vanguard Vanguard - Dec 31, 2001 Photos by Marc Brinkerhoff

Ray with Cedar Walton, Mike LeDonne and Vincent Herring
Ray and Cedar
Ray's Birthday Party @ The Savoy Lounge
Ray Patato Valerie Ponomarev Bobby Watson
Ray with John Hicks and Muhal Richard Abrams Bobby Watson Bobby Watson
Ray, Horace Silver, Al Foster and Buster Williams

MBoom: Freddie Waits, Joe Chambers, Roy Brooks
Omar Clay,Ray Mantilla Warren Smith, Max Roach, Fred King

Bill Elder

Enrique Fernandez
at the Mayor's Office